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DaisySP • A Powerful DSP Library in C++

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‍DaisySP is an open-source DSP (Digital Signal Processing) library that provides a comprehensive collection of modular components for creating audio software across various contexts, facilitating the development of high-quality and customizable audio applications.

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#include "daisysp.h"
static daisysp::OnePole flt;
static daisysp::Oscillator osc, lfo;
float saw, freq, output;
for(size_t i = 0; i < size; i++)
freq = lfo.Process();
saw = osc.Process();
output = flt.Process(saw);
out[i] = output;
One Pole Lowpass / Highpass Filter.
Definition onepole.h:27
float Process(float in)
Definition onepole.h:73
void SetFrequency(float freq)
Definition onepole.h:56
Definition oscillator.h:21
float Process()
Definition oscillator.cpp:7

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Here are some ways that you can get involved:

  • Proof read the documentation and suggest improvements
  • Test existing functionality and make issues
  • Make new DSP modules. See issues labeled "feature"
  • Port existing DSP modules from other open source projects (MIT). See issues labeled "port"
  • Fix problems with existing modules. See issues labeled "bug" and/or "polish"

Before working on code, please check out our Style Guide.

⚠️ License

DaisySP uses the MIT license.

It can be used in both closed source and commercial projects, and does not provide a warranty of any kind.

For the full license, read the LICENSE file in the root directory.